Hey SiStar! 

As a member of The Women Unite Tribe, my sole purpose is to reveal the greatness that is already within you!

We built this tribe to create a sisterhood for women to connect on a higher level as we all get to our goals and dreams!

Many times it’s the simplest things that can get us there and that is intentionally showing up for what you want and being unapologetic about it!

I am offering you a mastermind one on one session with me to get you unstuck and on a plan to reach your goals. Now, I can’t do this for you, this will take work, sacrifice and self mastery-self love.

Let’s build you your game plan, map this out and retract your mindset to a mindset of abundance💗

This call will be a coaching and action planning session for up to 60 minutes.

*Investment: Love Offering



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* What is a love offering?

B  E   A    B L E S S I N G

 G I V E   A  B L E S S I N G

Gifting is giving what you can in love and abundance. In order to grow to your fullest, you must be willing and able to invest in yourself-financially, spiritually and emotionally.

I can’t wait for our session, feel free to reach out to me at Kimj@thedivahustle.com

In Light & Love,

Your SiStar, Kim J.