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πŸŽ€ The “Motivation” Playlist!πŸŽ€

Music is known to be the universal language.

There is something about the beat, something about the lyrics, something about the vocals that turn your emotions within and make you feel! Check out my journey to entrepreneurship Youtube playlist.

For me, music is more like a spiritual connection and have motivated me in every aspect of my life including relationships, my business, self-reflection and even more on my journey to entrepreneurship.


Β I call this my “BO$$ Moves” Playlist! Literally here is my list of songs that keep me motivated and empowered when I am working on my crafts, passion and need that extra umph to make things happen!

***I do not own rights to these songs***

Songs that inspire me and motivate me and drive me to drive. These songs are played when I am brainstorming projects, events, ideas and yes, Diva Hustle posts!
This song is inspirational, so much so I meditate and build my vision on this song.
1. Goaple “Closer to my Dreams”.Β 
2. Jhene Aiko : W.A.Y.S. This song is so dope!

My favorite line “It’s that everything takes time. You have gotta lose your pride| You have gotta lose your mind|Just to find your peace of mind|You have got to trust the signs |Everything will turn out fine”.

3. Alicia Keys “SuperWoman”

Because, I am…. Superwomannnn… yes I am!

4. Alicia Keys “UnBreakable”,

Why? Because I am unbreakable!

These songs are my #GoalCrush songs! Sometimes you need that “Girllll… you know what you have to do”! No procrastinating songs or songs that help me be productive lol!
5. Beyonce “Who Run The World”.
6. Kate Perry “Roar” β€˜

“Cause I am a champion And you’re gonna hear me roar”

I literally roar lol! Yes, I love to have fun while I #werk.

As an entrepreneur, the road is not always straight and narrow. Many times it gets lonely. This song is my unstuck song, take & work for what you want!

7.Mary Mary “Go get it”

Can you hear me sing my part? “It’s your timeeeee! Go Get it”!

Celebrate yourself and your journey.
8.”Shining” DJ Khaled Ft Beyonce. & JayZ

“Shining Shining Shining, all of this winning!”

My alarm! How you start your day is how you end your day!

I wake up and start my day on the right foot.. just hungry for success. My alarm song is “Formation” by Beyonce …my morning song….”Ok ladies now let’s get in Formation…Cuz I Slay” <Bey voice>.

And I slay the day, No snooze button!
Β If you don’t have a work playlist, think about putting onE together! Whichever genre, artist or song that motivates or inspire you. Look into adding some poems or speeches as well.
Surround yourself with motivation and get things done! If music is your love like it’s mines, you will definitely be inspired.
Share the song that keeps you motivated and inspired.πŸ’ͺ


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