Investing is important right? So, why don’t more people invest? Is it too little money? No time? Little knowledge about invest?

Well, I started investing with $5 and within 10 days I had $50 saved and invested.

Seriously, Acornsย has allowed me to invest with little money, little time and little knowledge! Simply, add your debit card or banking info and set up how much you want to add to your investing portfolio.

With my investments,ย I have earned dividend earnings! If you don’t know what is dividend stock is, simply put it is earned money for simply investing in a stock! Yes, So I earn money monthly simply for investing! Start saving and start earning with as little as $5. Here, I’ll start you off with your first $5 investment! Get yourย freebie now.

Now, here is the amazing part!! Companies like Old Navy, Uber, T-Mobile, Expedia, Groupons,ย Macys, (Do I need to go on?) will invest in you simply for buying things you normally buy!ย  I took an uber and invested in my own portfolio at the same time! This is awesome!!! So now I don’t feel too guilty when I shop!

Are you thinking about switching your phone service? T-Mobile will invest $30 for new and existing customers…get that money!!

T mobile invest in you

These brands will invest in your future when you shop. learn how toย Spend smarter!

For those who say $5 is not enough, check out my projective earnings!

Investing $5 at a time,Acorns

Nice, travel check to Bora Bora maybe Jamaica, all because I skipped Starbucks!

(No really, but well you get myย point!)

Saving is good! Become an investor today and start saving! $5 at a time. A little now goes a long way. Oh, And I purchased $20 of Amazon Stock Cards for $5 bucks, check it out!

Disclosure:ย I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from eBates). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

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