πŸŽ€Who is Kim James? πŸŽ€

Hey Diva! Let me introduce myself!

I am Greatness Coach, Kim James also the CVO of The Diva Hustle!

Kim James

 My vision for Diva Hustle started in 2017 while I was on a rampage to release myself from the Rat Race and eager to dive deeper into my spiritual self.

My journey led me to find my authenticity and also enabled me to be more purposeful in life. Along my journey here are a few things that I uncovered about myself.

  1. I am a free spirit!

  2. I do what makes me happy and ask questions later.

  3. Being alone for me is not lonely, I am my own company.

  4. I am not the routine type and repetitive things aggravate me.

  5.   I long for adventure, laughter and connecting with kindred spirits.

  6. I look at things from an optimistic perspective and I see opportunity in every situation.

  7. I look at instructions after I fail at trying it by myself.

  8. I am a spiritual being, I believe in purposeful living.

  9. I connect with nature and prefer picnics rather than an evening of dining.

  10. My talent is speaking life into others.

  11. My Inner voice speaks to me and I allow it to guide me through this journey of life.

Well, that sums me up in a nutshell!

This journey of self is so liberating and empowering. Most importantly, I share my experience and journey through my motivational speaking and coaching.

My purpose is to share my truth as a segway for others to embrace their own journey. Diva Hustle is my purpose.

What have your journey uncovered about you? Or what DO you want it to uncover?

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