FREE 21 day Gratitude Challenge

🎀21 Days of Gratitude Challenge🎀

August we launched #21daysifgratitude challenge!


The purpose of this activity is to live a life of fulfillment and learn to live in the moment💗


When you show that you are grateful for all that you have you are signaling to the universe that you are open and available to receive more!

 This challenge is reprogramming the mind to appreciate the simple things in life and to give back in ways of gratitude.

21 days of gratitude

Gratitude checkpoint!
Share with us 3 things you’re grateful for….GO

We asked over 50 women to are their responses!


Having a job, genuine family and friends, having ambition and passion
Being healthy, having a wonderful 🐱, learning amazing things 💜
My kids, my health and my mom.
School shopping without checking bank balance, being able to take her and pick her up with no more daycare, having a healthy family again
My kids, my faith and my creativity
My friends, my family, universal laws of abundance, creativity
My husband, my baby girls, late night random connections
Ability to clean my house, my son and hubby, and God for always steering me where I need to go!
My kids, being healthy, and my family and friends
My husband Tim 😍; My kids Magnolia + Lincoln 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦;; My abundance of opportunities 🙌🏼
My God, my family, my drive
My family, my health, and life in general
My family, my past and my compassion
My sister accompanied me on a road trip; My ex’s new lady is caring and concerned about my son’s well being; My new job
My Jesus, my health my family and a roof over my head
my kids my blog our freedom
Faith, Family, and my Preserverance <3
Having found a profession that has allowed me to be at peace, to feel happy most of the time and to grow as a person and as a coach and to contribute with my family and so many people to experience the same feelings.
My sons, car, business 💪🏻
3Fs my Heavenly Father, my family, my friends
Fiancé, family, health
My job….my kids…and the weather!
God, Family, health
My first growing baby, my family, God’s Love for me
Family friends Network friends who helped me so far
Good things, bad things, everything
My God, my family and true friendship!!
My lifelong friend, my children and music
Family, Friends, God
To be aligned with a company that teaches how to send out gratitude; to be able to teach folks in business how to use the system to show appreciation; how this system skyrockets a business’s bottom line
God,laughter, health
Who I am, my creator, my family
Perfect health, Perfect grandchildren, Gods blessings Over my life
My health, my spa, my wonderful team, my amazing partner, my amazing business partner who is also my brother. &amazing biz
My sense of humor, my faith, my authenticity
My kids, my health that’s better the past two months, my friends
Life, family, health
God, family, health
Jesus family and health
My home, my children, my health and so much more!
God, life, family
my family, my opportunities, my life! 😊
God, family, friends & health
God my Family Health💜
Family, love, healthy food!
Love, healing, purpose.
My team, my family & my clients
My husband, my daughter, air conditioning
My children, my parents and my Facebook family!
My family, my dog, and faith
My tribe, faith, & opportunities
God, Jesus and my family
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 🙂
God, my son and opportunities ❤
God, Love, My family, bonus: health 🙂
Health Kindness and Care
My family, an amazing business partner, my health
Life, love and health
Hubby being home, rain, friends ♥️
Health,  my pets and my great supportive fiance
My family, my boyfriend and life
 My little girl ,a roof over my head, and my determination x
Family,friends,faith 😄🇬🇧
 Allah family life
 My baby, my job and good surroundings
Health, Family & great friends!
 Prayer, family, health ❣
My health, my Life my Girls 💜
 life, health, family
Health, family and a healthy brain!
 My daughters, my struggles, my resources
Business, My pups and My assistant!
I have a place to live, food to eat, and people who love and support me.
My faith, my husband, and my pup…everything else is just icing on the cake 😉
My body, my mind, the earth
My perspective, my family and my openness to be wrong
Awesome family and friends
God, my life, my family, my great guy and the people God continues to put in my life. SO many blessings.
The oxygen-waters, the health, and all good people around me.
Family, health, joy
My senses, My organs, My life <3
My children’s health, my husbands health, and employed.
My son, my cats and my tribe
Health, friends and family
Family, my health and my travel business.
My life, my children an grandchildren
My freedom to adventures 2.My talents/skills 3. C Resilience!
Health, unconditional love, family
 God, Life and family
 Family health and life
God, Family, Sunshine
 For recognizing blessings, being loved, and for being in a position to support and love others around me
 God’s grace, health, family and living in a great country.
 God, family, health
 God, family, life
 Family, business, the amazing new people that are coming into my life
 Each moment, my family, my clients
My relationship with God, family, and people who believe in my passion.
My husband, our bank account, and medical insurance.
Health, love and stability.
An awesome business partner, my supportive parents and cynical friends.
Loved Ones, Possibilities, Perseverance
My job, my cat’s, my brothers.
My daughter and son, flowers, beautiful beach and ocean.
My health and my son & wisdom to know the difference!
God, my family, and the opportunity to serve others.
God’s Grace, health, and my family
 My Family Life my status
My mom, a house over my head and food to eat 😝
God, my family & my small business
God, Family and my Career
Family, Home, Health to do whatever I want to do
My family, our health and our relationship with God
My husband, my dad, my son
Family, Growth, & Love
Family, friends and our doggies
1. Family 2. Residual income 3. Time & financial freedom
Health, Family and Have a life today
God, Family, Health
Health, Family & Friends, The Present
Love, Family, Opportunities
Wealth health and Abundance
Faith, life, love
Life, Family, Health… Thank you Lord and Life for it all…😍
Coffee. Donuts. Sleep. Mother Nature doesn’t take time off. Sometimes it truly is the little things.
My fiance, kids and bedtime 😀
Family, life health
Family, health, opportunities
My kids, life, health
GOD. Family. Opportunities
Family friends that wanting me to succeed and giving me support. So much gratitude.
Faith, friends family and home is safe after fire
My guy, my dog, my best friends
Health, love, family
My Mindset, my will, meeting inspiring and supportive people and also those who make me learn as a mentor or struggling person (which only means what my struggles are – like a mirror)
Health,Family, and Faith
Health, family, friends
Faith, family and my cats
Husband, New Opportunities & Life
God, family, health
My family/hubby/son & my mission
The universe, family and me.
My best friend, My ability to bounce back
My heart,my family,the universes infinite wisdom.
I am grateful to have a wonderful mentor,lovely kids and to be able to see the sunshine every day and to breathe the free air…
Income. Creative ability. Spiritual awareness. My health. My home. Healthy children.
My husband, my kids, my job
My health…business…friends
My husband and kids, life, and strength!
Family, Friends, Pets
Family health and dirt beneath my feet
I am grateful for my children and husband, my family and friends and those women who are ready to step forward and make their business grow for the future!

Understand that you MUST FIRST be grateful for what you have! Showing gratitude to the Universe is essential to living your best life. … Gratitude is a high-frequency feeling that resonates in the same field as joy and love.

When you are grateful for all the experiences in your life, you are inviting the Universe to give you more abundance, happiness, and joy in return.

hmmm…So what am I thankful for???

I am thankful for my whole self (mentally, Spiritually, Physically, emotionally), My love ones and My vision.

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Don’t forget to pay yourself some kindness too!

1. Daily Morning Journaling

Wakeup with a mindset of gratitude.

  1. Commit to a random act of kindess daily!

3. Nighttime Journaling: Release all feelings of neglect and rest easy with a heart of gratitude.

Loved this challenge? Let us know in the comments, What are you grateful for?!


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  1. Love love love this! Positive energy is so powerful

  2. This is wonderful! I have been implementing gratitude into my everyday life and I have been loving it. It truly does move mountains.

  3. What a great challenge to do! #She’saCreative

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