5000 friends to get you in front of your target audience.

What’s a better way to brand and network your business than to your friends, right?!

This year I decided to make a goal to reach 5,000 friends!

This year I made it a goal to get my vision in front of as many women as I can! Why women? Because that’s my target audience!

I’ll tell you why!

When you are certain that your business will impact your target audience in a grander light, you will expand your audience!

Expanding your audience is getting your vision in front of as many people as possible, not only will that build your brand but it will also enhance your possibilities of meeting potential clients and customers and signing them up!

Now where are you going to find 5000 friends? Let’s make this easy, and skip going to hundreds of network mixers, events etc, there are billions of users on social media! Why not start there?

1. Avoid digging and restless research.

Social Media is where you’ll find your target audience without hassle. Whether your target audience is  specific to gender, age group, or even region, this information has already been gathered and you can now market directly to whom you need to reach.

2. 5,000

Whooo, 5,000 is a big number, is that too many “friends”😂? Yes, if this is real life! But because it’s social media you want to reach as many people as you can! Facebook has a maximum number of friends set at 5,000 so why not get you some new clients, I mean new “friends”!

3. Building Buzz

While you’re posting about your business, you will attract more like-minded clients. The bigger the buzz, the better.

As your post gets great engagement the more it will appear on the timeline of your other friends! Because you’ve identified your target audience, that means your friends are your potential clients! Therefore, you are promoting directly to whom you need to! Get it?                                                       

Get started and start making friends! Identify how to track down your target audience.

Are they in Facebook Groups? Maybe not?

Search using keywords relevant to your niche ex. I am Life Coach/Purpose Doctor (I help women identify their passion and strategize a plan to live it!)

Here are some keywords I use:

  • Business Woman (Niche/Gender specific)

  • Woman Entrepreneurs (Niche/Gender specific)

  • Women (Gender specific)

  • Business in Atlanta  (Niche/Region specific)

Facebook search allows you to drill down people, location, work and more!

Here’s a checklist to get you started:

✔Get in front of your target audience.

✔Create dope and intriguing posts and images that appeal to your target audience.

✔ Match their needs with the products and services you have to offer. Sell your brand.

✔ Let the fun begin!

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