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Overnight Goddess Retreat -New Dates Added!


March 23-24 | April 20-21 | June 15-16 | July 20-21

Connecting with other amazing SiStars!

Overnight Selfcare Retreat Queens we are healing, and breaking limited beliefs so we can grow into our greatness! Atlanta Overnight Retreat is almost here, we are falling in love with self. Join us for great food, good times, sisterhood bonding and more! 

Overnight Retreat




Goddess Selfcare Package

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Meet Kim James

Kim James, Greatness and Self-Love Coach

My focus is on purposeful living and self-love.

Kim James

My mission to empower women to continuously heal and live an abundant life of inner peace. Overcome your fears, and continuing on yourself, just because you’re working for someone else.” – Kim James

Kim James curates workshops, webinars, and events to help women find their passion as well as give them tips to walk in their greatness!

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