🎀 Build Habits before Goals🎀

Bring habits into 2018!

New Year, Day 1The Year is off to a fresh start!



New Year’s resolution has become a thing of the past! 



I am super excited for the new year! All the abundant possibilities and I know you are excited too!

Start building habits before building goals.

Have you already created your vision board? Vision boards are more important than New Year’s resolutions. Why? Think of your vision board as the action plan for the year. Your plan is your main focus for….

  • All things that you want to achieve.
  • Places you want to go.
  • Things you want to have/do, and so much more!

And if you already completed your vision board, kudos to you!

If you haven’t, check out Manifest your way into 2018 digital vision board post! There are so many benefits to having a digital vision board.

Alright, it’s the new year! So you have your vision board, now what? Your plans are in full effect and you’re ready to go!

Hold on!

Before you get into the first thing on your to-do list... let me tell you why you need to build habits before working on your goals.

Building habits = building your foundation. Habits will help you focus, become more disciplined and dedicated to working your goals. Surround yourself with positive reinforcement! You want to start on the right foot because achieving goals can be overwhelming. Let’s admit it…. IT IS overwhelming, stressful and will steal your motivation..this is why building habits are important.

Here are five habits you should be building to achieve your goals. 

1. Set the Agenda!

Planning and setting the agenda will help you be more productive and focused on tasks. “Prior preparation prevents poor performance” this is a great motto to uphold. Get used to setting daily, monthly and quarterly to do list, you will be killing those goals and building your habit. It’s a great feeling to check things off your list and help free some space in your mind.

There are so many ways and resources to make planning a smooth process. Personally, I use my calendar and set my alarm for each task. Sounds like overkill I know. Setting my agenda, I avoid multi-tasking. This habit helped me learn to manage my energy.

100% energy on 1 task beats 20% energy on 5 different tasks in 1 hour.

Manage Energy

Get your planner ready and set those alarms!

If that doesn’t help, Fabulous is a great app to help build and strengthen habits. Fabulous is an all in one habit tracker, Habit Advisory, and Habit Alarm. Set up alarms to help you stay on track!

(Available on Google Play and Apple Store)

I wake up to a nice sounding alarm: Set a reminder to get up and get out for a early morning run, meditate or schedule any other habits.

Build those habits! Fabulous will recommend new challenges for you! Challenges include mental and physical health like Call family member and (my favorite) 25-minute power nap! No more procrastination…. say hello to productivity.

2. Be Optimistic

We talk about positive thoughts a lot. Your goals are ideas within your mindset. Don’t allow yourself to deter your greatness! Your thoughts become your actions. Speak with confidence and remain optimistic. Achieving goals can be stressful enough!

Have an open mind and take each goal with a breath of fresh air and a plan. Being optimistic will take you further than you will realize! Take a look at the reason you want to achieve this goal and vision. Think with the end in mind, is your way of being optimistic and keep striving forward!

3. Consistency over Complexity

The key to anything is hard work and dedication. Honestly many fall behind just because they gave up! The goal is to achieve your vision, especially if this is your first time flying(trying). Whatever the outcome, whatever the journey, be ready to keep going!

Remain dedicated to your vision board that is your place of motivation!

4. Invest in yourself.

Growth is essential for personal and professional reasons. The best investment you can make is within. Not sure how to invest in yourself, Check out this post.

Achieving goals will naturally elevate you! You will rise to the next level, with a new level comes new wisdom and new growth. Be prepared to build self-care habits. Investing in yourself means investing time, resources in yourself, your craft and your mind!

5. Think Solution + Alternative Solution.

So we have a few habits that we have build surrounding motivation, planning and Self Care. It’s easier said than done is the way of life! Along with an optimistic mind should be a mind of ideas. Don’t stop at that roadblock, make a detour, that dead-end is just where you make a U-Turn and take another route. So many times we are quick to ACCEPT the word no.

If you find a problem, think of Plan A and Plan B. Approaching your problems and goals with a plan of action can help you work through anything! If you find yourself in a rut, think with the end in mind and think of a way to achieve your vision. Adapt a mind of solution and you will open more doors and opportunities to flourish in your dreams!


Be sure to download the Manifest your way into 2017 worksheets. This worksheet contains goal setting techniques. Learn to categorizes and plan efficiently. No, New Year’s Resolution create new habits and new visions! Wishing you a year of Abundant Success.


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  1. Love this, great tips! I definitely need to check it that app!

    1. Kim J. says:

      Thank you! Yes, this app has motivated me! Great way to build habits!

  2. I love this post! So informative!

    1. Kim J. says:

      Thank you!

  3. This is an amazing post! I think investing in myself is where I lack! Great post!

  4. Loved this post! It was so helpful. I’m going to get started on my vision board ASAP and about to download the Fabulous app right now. Thank you!

  5. I’ll have to check out that app, I need to get into better habbits!

  6. I love vision boards and manifesting! Such an important tool!

    1. Kim J. says:

      It is! I wish I knew about manifesting sooner! But I have learned so much and grown so much, you’re so right it is important!

  7. Love this! Consistency is such a problem for me.

  8. Excellent viewpoint. I love where you are coming from with this. Thanks for the encouraging words!!

    1. Kim J. says:

      Thank you! Glad to assist, become a #GoalCrusher and build habits.

  9. “Consistency of complexity”. I have to remind myself of this.

  10. Very good tips! Daily habits are so important for success

  11. Omg, these are great😊

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