ABCs of a Virtuous Woman


ABC’s of a Virtuous Women By Tidamsel

Accommodative:- She’s accommodating any time any day, she is homely, her hospitality is always on point. 

Beautiful:- She’s beautiful in all ramifications not just in her physical appearance. She’s an epitome of beauty itself.

Caring:- She’s more than the word caring, that you can’t take away from her, she’s caring to the core. 

Decent:- She’s decent in appearance and her moral behaviors.

Elegant:- She’s graceful and stylish in appearance or manners.ย 

Forgiving:- She has a forgiving spirit irrespective of your offence towards her. She is always willing to forgive. 

Godly:- One of the vital qualities most men desire in a woman is one who is Godly or God fearing. This is one of the qualities of a virtuous woman. She is Godly, God fearing, creates time for God in her life, educate and enrich her family in Godly manners or with Godly potentials.

Honest:- She’s honest no doubt about that, she is sincere or truthful in whatever she does. 

Intelligent:- Her thinking faculty is always on point, she is intelligent that’s why she can run her home, her family, and her career successfully.

Joyful:- she’s always joyful and promotes joy wherever she is.

Kind:- She’s an epitome of a kind-hearted woman.

Loving:- She’s loving to whoever she comes across or that comes across her. You might have heard of the saying; “A mother’s love is incomparable” She’s just loving to everyone.

Motherly:- Oh yes! She’s motherly not to her children alone also to other people’s children, she shows that act of motherly love to children. 

Neat:- She’s hygienic or neat in appearance and her environment.

Obedient:- She’s submissive, willing to comply to instructions or corrections or request.

Patient:- She endures delay without getting annoyed, anxious or angry. She possesses the spirit of patience.

Qualified:- She’s qualified or certified personally, spiritually, physically, socially, academically etc. 

Resilient:- She’s able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions or situations.

Successful:- She excels in whatever she does, she’s successful in anything she puts her mind to do. 

Tolerant:- She tolerates things by permitting the existence or occurrence of something she dislikes or disagrees with. But take note there’s a limit to her tolerance because she doesn’t tolerate rubbish.

Unique:- She’s unique which makes her different from other women, that’s why she is specified as a virtuous woman.

Vigilant:- Even in her multi-tasking job in terms of running the home, her family, her career, she is vigilant, she watches carefully for possible danger or difficulties that might occur.

Wise:- She’s full of wisdom, knowledge and understanding, that’s why when she advises someone it hardly fails because she is experienced, her words of wisdom brings forth sound judgement.

Xenial:- She has this friendly relationship between two parties or a host and a guest. She portrays a friendly gesture to whoever comes around her or whoever she comes across with.

Youthful:- She’s always fresh, vigorous, youthful even in her old age. You can see a woman in her 60’s still active doing one or two things, I remember when I saw my grandma making up I was like grandma u still make up? She said yes my dear, don’t you know I’m still sweet sixteen, I just smiled.

Zealous:- Finally she is zealous, ambitious, determined, she has this great energy or enthusiasm to do things she loves or wants to, thereby making her an industrious person.

Post-Author: Tidamsel is an environmentalist, motivational speaker and Writer. She is a lover of God. Tidamsel resides in Africa and enjoys connecting with women around the world!

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  1. With thanks! Valuable information!

  2. Beautiful post! I try to be a virtuous woman, however, I usually fall short. I am most of those things but not all. I make many mistakes but when I can get most things right, I am happy.

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