🎀 5 steps to turn your goals into accomplishments🎀

Many are intimidated by the word goal!

Your goal is obtainable, don’t be intimidated!

Don’t crowd your mind with negativity and doubt. A goal is just a major task that leads to accomplishments. Mark your goal within your reach. Vision yourself hitting that target goal as a bullseye. You can do this, I believe in you ( No, really, I’m so serious)! Do we overthink achieving our goals or is it a lack of planning? As James Baker said it best “Prior preparation prevents poor performance.”

Here are 5 steps to turn your goals into accomplishments:

Make your goal specific and be realistic! Include as much detail as possible. Highlight the end result and objective of your goal. When you are specific, you know exactly what you want to accomplish.

Make it clear! There should only be one objective for your goal. Many times we are multi-tasking and juggling more than one thing at a time, without even noticing (It’s not just you!). Focus on that bullseye, remove any other distractions (Easier said than done, I know). Remember to be specific!

**If you have more than 1 objective make sure two document those as separate goals.**

What are the tasks to achieve this goal?

So, as we said before goals are just major task that needs to be completed. Be sure to write your to-do list of tasks to lead up to your goal. Work backward, your goal is your final destination! How do you get from your current position to your final destination? Document and use your to-do list as a step by step route-book to goal ave. Your to-do list should include, resources, point of contacts, planned executions.


Your to-do steps become mini goals. As we complete those mini goals be sure to celebrate, we call these micro wins!

Your to-do list is done, note your deadlines. Hold yourself accountable and start planning.

Outline everything that is needed from resources, to tools, contacts and include as much details and steps. The information for each task needs to be clearly outlined so that you can strategize and make deadlines to meet your timeline.

Now, that your goal is planned out the task by task, it makes that goal a little bit more obtainable. No more over-whelming feeling, your goal should now be in your clear sight! Track your tasks, document your ups and downs, note those learning lessons and highlight what worked well.

If you hit a roadblock use other resources and methods to help you attain and execute tasks.

For example, research to help you strategize. You may not have all the answers but the important thing is to find something else that will give you the answers that you need. So use every tool to your advantage! Yes, even people and the internet.

Action! Get started on your tasks and make sure that you are accountable to your deadlines. Overcome all roadblocks is essential to obtaining your goal.

Deadlines will help you:

🎀Treat your business like a business.

🎀Be consistent.

🎀Aim for progress not perfection.

🎀Turn your ideas into actual results.

🎀Turn you goals into accomplishments.

Time to rework your products & results. Assure you are satisfied with the end results. Did you meet the goal objective and your standards from Step 1?

Don’t be overwhelmed! Baby steps, baby!

I know, I know…easier said than done. This is what winning feels like. Celebrate your micro wins and your macro wins. Pat yourself on the back so you won’t be discouraged! A win is a win no matter how big or how small.

Congratulations, so now you have your goal, you also have a clear objective to what you’re trying to accomplish and your tasks. You have your resources, your tools, and all details are clearly highlighted and documented to make this goal more obtainable.

Walk and talk yourself through it. Every door isn’t a closed-door so keep working those tasks til you find that door you can open. Learn from your mistakes and document your journey. This is the fun part, enjoy the journey😉.




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  1. Nice easy to to follow steps! Love this!

    1. Kim J. says:

      Thanks Anissa! The best way is to make it as simple as possible that way you can follow through.

  2. Love this! Goals are super important if you want to accomplish anything. Goals can take you so much further.

    1. Kim J. says:

      Sophie, you are 100% right!

  3. Oof! Consistency is my biggest problem. Great ideas here.

  4. Some great tips here, like number 4 – doing the work is so important! xx

  5. Great article, I agree that setting goals and being consistent is the key to success. Great tips!

  6. loved this simple and easy to follow. Sometimes it is hard not to get discouraged but if we focus on even small achievements we can feel like we are making progress. Now to tackle my procrastination!

  7. Great info! Thanks!

  8. Thanks for laying it out in easy to follow steps! Also, turning goals into accomplishments is much more motivating than just saying ‘achieve your goals’. Love it!

  9. I like how you broke it down. Baby steps indeed.
    Thanks for the tips.

  10. Step 4 is so important! Roadblocks are inevitable but you have to push through and overcome them!

  11. Great tips. What helps me with my goals is writing them down and putting the paper in a place where I can see it daily.

  12. Natalie says:

    I know I definitely work better when I set deadlines for myself. Great post!

  13. Such great tips!! Having a plan and setting goals really make all the difference!! Thanks for sharing!

  14. These are great tips to apply to blogging. In order for me to stay motivated, I have to remind myself of every little goal I met. Just one more page view a day is a win.

  15. Tierra says:

    These were such great reminders! It’s helping me to refocus as we speak (or write). Thanks for sharing!

  16. What a great list 😀 I love writing to-do list. But honestly, I rarely finish every item on the list. I really need to work on that 😛

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