So, you’re interested in becoming a blogger?

Great news there IS room for your voice to be heard! Many would say that blogging is over saturated, but I disagree! Yes, there are plenty of bloggers, yes there are millions of blogs but no one has your voice. That in itself is a reason you should become a blogger if you’re interested!
The world needs to hear your voice!
thank you 1st amendment!

Blogging has transformed for bloggers all around the world and provided a segway for many to develop this “hobby” into an actual career!

It’s doable, it’s work, yet it’s worth it. As a passive income blogger myself, The Diva Hustle became my outlet to live my passion! My passion to empower and inspire women to live their best life!
Before we get started, grab a pen and paper. We have a blog to start, so let’s get started!

Logical logistics

My passion is ________?

1. The first step to blogging is defining your niche.     Your niche is what are you passionate about?                     Your passion will help you define your niche.
Are you a fashionista, with the passion for putting together outfits? or



Technical logistics

  1. Create your Website URL.


Since 2002 blogging has
from a hobby to