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It’s 2018 and everyone is raving about Bitcoin and Investing. If your ready to break into the world of stock and don’t know where to start? Stay tuned!
Investing can be risky business! The key to investing is to minimize your loses to maximize your profit. You can’t win every time! But investing is profitable and it’s good to have in your income portfolio!

Ok, let me show you how to buy stock at a discount.

Use Cash Back Apps to receive money back for shopping online.

What are Cash Back  Apps?

Cash Back allows you to get paid for shopping! Finding coupons and earn cash back at over 2000 stores (Best Buy, Amazon, Target and more) when you shop at Ebates Or  TopCashBack! You will save with online rebates, deals, promo codes and discounts.

Join for free today and get a $10 welcome Cash Back bonus(link below).


Log in or Sign up for  Ebates Or TopCashBack.

(Whichever one has the highest pay out).


Then search for Groupon.com.

(The only way to receive cash back is going through the cash back sites like above.)

3. After being redirected to Groupon.com. Search for Stockpile.

4. What is Stockpile?

Stockpile is a company that allows you to buy shares of a stock. For example Amazon stock is over $1000 per share but Stock Pile allows you to purchase whatever amount you  like! For example, if ABstock is $1000 per share and you purchase $20 Abstock… you own 20% of that company shares.

Here’s more information about Stockpile.

5.Recap Buy stock at discount!

💎(Groupon)$20 worth of stock for $10.

💎Use 20 % off code, Save30 expires 1/8.

💎 Cashback (from Ebates or TopCashBack)

Thats $20 in stock for less than $7 😮.

Invest that $20 in whichever company you choose! I’m choosing Bitcoins… where are you investing?


*This post contains affiliate links*

Disclosure: I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from eBates). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.


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  1. I defitnely will look into Stockpile. Nevrr heard of it. Thanks so much for the info!

    1. Kim J. says:

      You’re welcome! This has been the best way to invest on a budget!

  2. That’s interesting! I didn’t know there was a way to purchase partial stock (at least that’s the way I read it!)

    Thanks for the tip!

  3. This is great information! Thanks for sharing ❤️

  4. I love tip #4 and I’m glad I clicked on your blog because I never knew about Stockpile. Now, I just might have to make a purchase.😉

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