πŸŽ€ Think like a BOSS πŸŽ€

Do you think only wealthy people can be wealthy? Here are some tips to start thinking like a true Boss.

  1. Think Problem + Solution.

Think beyond the problem and find solutions. Many businesses are built just as solutions for their customers or clients. Those hurdles and obstacles are detours, not dead ends! Stay optimistic and open minded, to approach all problem with the end goal in mind!

2.Β Invest in yourself!

A little R&R Β is always good for your growth. Read & Research, knowledge is power. Mold yourself to your fullest potential and invest in your craft. Perfect your products, services and your network. Learn how to invest in yourself to grow your brand and your business.

3. Surround yourself with Good people!

Bosses hang with bosses! You are the company that you keep. Surround yourself with people you aspire to be or people that are currently within the field you desire. Law of attraction.

4. Don’t think monthly, think overall cost.

If you are thinking about purchasing something, think about the overall cost and not just the monthly expense! Don’t just think $99.99 a month. But is $900 worth that $699 surround system, that’s $139.00 more in interest!

Skip monthly credit card minimum payments and just pay cash or pay off the lump sum!Β Think about investing that extra $139 into something else… don’t just throw away your money to the banks.

5. Eliminate unnecessary expenses!

Did you cancel that subscription? Do you really need to go shopping? You have clothes withΒ tags in your closet! Seriously, the richest guys in the world still wear Sperry’s! If he wears $60 shoes and his net worth almost 60 billion, why are your shoes 5x more than his! It’s about net worth, not about how much your clothes are worth.

6. Save for a rainy day.

Your credit card should NOT be your emergency fund. Stash some cash for those days, when it rains! When it rains it pours. Manage your business expenses.Keep clear records. Build strategies to develop your business.

7. Capitalize

Motto- More is always better!

So why not earn cash back or mileage points for buying the things you have to buy anyway. Granted, credit cards are good when used resourcefully and properly.

Earn cash for groceries you buy anyway. Have you heard of Ibotta, seriously, I cashed out over $200 in 1 year from groceries I normally buy! Buy your groceries, scan barcode and scan receipt, cash out minimum of $20 into PayPal finally send it to your personal account. No kidding, Here’s $10 start with. Download the app and scan your first product and receipt and start making money.

Here are ways to capitalize, Check out Top Money Making Apps!

8. Invest

Motto- Grow your money.

Water your garden and mine your own business. Invest, Β Own your brand, CreateΒ passive income, stocks, trading, lending.

Think like a boss, Act like a boss. Shift your mindset and habits to adapt these 8 tips. Wealth isn’t measured by money, it’s about elevating your income and knowledge to grow to new heights. Remember Network, Invest in yourself Β & Make your money work for you and you will be thinking like a Boss in no time!


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  1. Hello Kim,
    I love these points. It’s so true, if you want to become wealthy the biggest point that I would take away from this is to “Invest in Yourself”. Because, without doing that, there will be no progress.
    Love it ❀️.

    Daniel Mac Sweeney

    1. revamp.addict@gmail.com says:

      Hi Daniel!
      Knowledge literally is power! You said it best without investing in yourself, there is no growth! From one entrepreneur to another, Thank you so much for the support!

  2. I am all about investing in yourself! There are so many ways that you make yourself a better person so why not try some of them out? I love to read, attend webinars, and research topics I would like to learn more about. Great post πŸ™‚

    1. revamp.addict@gmail.com says:

      Hi Nicole,
      Thanks so must for the positive reinforcement. Those are excellent ways to invest in yourself and grow your brand and your business!The internet is an open field for knowledgeπŸ“š.

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