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In today’s world, we barely have time to invest in ourselves… fast-paced life.  Not enough hours in a day! No time for personal growth! If this is you, here are some tips to maximize your productivity during your “travel” time!

Whether you take the



Or Biking..Walking..Driving…. No, I am not promoting Texting and driving!

Whatever, your commute is ..this method works!

The benefit of a technologic world are all the different sources of information! Information is just .42351556 seconds away….well according to google.

Tip 1

If you want to learn something look in a book. Well, that’s what my Mom would always say anyway. Did you ever finish reading that book you promised to finish? No? Me neither!  I start reading with my ears and not my eyes. Listening to an e-book! There are so many e-books topics.  learn about entrepreneurs, starting a business, learn to code even read Steve Job’s autobiography. Image how much you can accomplish while driving to work or dropping the kids at school?

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Ytip 2

Thanks to Pat -Flynn’s Podcast I was able to start my business. Who would have known listening to someone else’s journey or ideas would help me escape from my Just.Over.Broke life…. I mean job. During my commute to work, I listened to 10 podcast episodes. Tips about businesses, entrepreneurship, money and more!  I was tired of listening to the same songs on the radio anyway. Hook your phone to Bluetooth and listen while you drive.

Ytip 3

Alright! Here is the tip everyone has been waiting for! This tip is for the Bloggers, Writers, Journalist. Write that book..screenplay, music lyrics… or jot down that idea..with voice to text! Say it.. write it.. publish. Ebooks are becoming more and more popular. Create an e-book on your way to work and sell it on Amazon or even Kindle. Who knew you would be an author!

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These are hands-free ways to maximize your productivity on your commute, on the go wherever, whenever. If you think that you don’t have enough hours in the day.  Definitely, think about some alternative methods to accomplish what you need.

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     ♛ Until next time Diva keep hustlin’ 


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