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Share your opinions, thoughts and more while getting paid. These apps compensate gift cards from top retailers when you accumulate points.

Believe me, you can make money online from your smartphone! 

None of these apps will replace your 9-5 job! But why not make every penny count?

1. Ibotta Get paid for shopping for groceries, clothing and more. I cashed out $150 in 1 year, earned bonuses and earn cash for “sharing the wealth”. Just browse rebates from top retailers like Target, Wal-Mart etc, scan rebates, but items and receive $$$. Collect $20 and cash out into your pay pal account. You’re buying milk and fruits.. just scan your receipt!

Earn $10 – click on this link!
Over 500 rebate items with bonus dollars.

2. S’mores– S’mores lock screen displays ads before you unlock your phone. You don’t have to make purchases or anything just download the app and collect… easy right? Earn extra points by completing surveys.

Download S’More and earn 10 points daily. Collect a $10 gift card every few months.
Click to Earn bonus points now when you sign up!

3. SwagBucks- 1 stop shop for everything! Literally earn SB dollars for watching videos, playing games, online shopping, trying products & services, answering surveys and even printing coupons. Earn bonus SB dollars using SB search engine and meeting your daily goal. I earned gift cards for Target, Ebay, Amazon and more. 

Here is 100 SB for signing up!

Don’t fret SB have random sales you can catch 10% off like earn $10 ebay gift cards with 890 points.

Then there’s more!

Gift Card Apps

1. IQ – Avoid “You do not qualify surveys”. Answering the pre-qualified question before taking an actual survey before getting paid and getting the ” you do not qualify for this survey” is such a nuance. IQ, sends you questions ranging from $.25 to $3.00 per test. Don’t worry you already qualify for these surveys, No wasting time! Tip: Enable your location and set your notification so you don’t miss out on $$!

New surveyors, earn cash-back

2. Inbox Dollars – Sign Up, Read E-Mail, Refer Others, Join Survey Sites, Play Games, Complete Offers, and More!

Cash-Back Apps

1. TopCashback/Ebates- Shopping online? Earn cashback on your online purchases. Topcashback and Ebates operate the same, however, browse both sites to maximize your cash return. TCB may offer 6% back on purchases while Ebates offer 10%. 

2. Checkout 51- Similar to Ibotta, Checkout 51 pays you for grocery shopping! Double up, Checkout 51 and Ibotta may have the same offers, so you scan the same receipt into both apps. 

3. Cash– Need to send money to friends or family send cash and receive funds the same day. Simply download the app, link your debit card and send $. Cash does charge a small fee for same day pay but it’s cheaper than Western Union & Money Gram.

Download now! Here’s $10 for you!

Moral: You can make money online. I cash out an extra $200 monthly with these apps. Check them out and share with us your favorite money making apps.



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  1. Thanks for sharing about IG – I get so annoyed with the other surveys that waste my time then tell me I don’t qualify.

  2. Thanks for sharing.

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