πŸŽ€ It’s more important to…..πŸŽ€

As your mind becomes so consumed with failing or second-guessing. Notice YOU are crowding your space with negative thoughts.

Do not fret!

Slow and steady wins the race, said the turtle.

Your thoughts become your words

Your words then become not only your action but your reaction.

Many times we are our own enemy. We prevent our selves from achieving the bigger picture. If you manifest your thoughts and words and turn them into action steps! Your action steps become your 5 micro goals. Your micro goals will build you to achieve that major goal! Start slow..but the most important part is to start!

Β Here is my Major Goal!


Your major goal will not happen overnight!Β 

Your micro goals will happen overnight, weekly, monthly, yearly, quarterly. These are working goals! You will then break down your micro goals into mini tasks and reworking your action steps. Execute the bottom tasks to the top tasks. Work your goals in parallel, simultaneously, orderly. Just work them lol.

– – – – -Get your goals on paper! – – – – –


Build my Network

Build my Platform

Get inspired: Podcasts, Articles, Network

Get to writing, speaking and creating


Start slow..but the most important part is to start!

Check out Turn your goals into Accomplishments for more tips!


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