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Peer to Peer Lending-💲 💲 Alert!

Are you a beginner investor or looking to diversify your financial portfolio?

Peer to Peer lending allows you to become a lending investor and receive monthly payments as if you are a bank.
Borrowers apply for loans for debt consolidation, mortgages, business start-ups and more! You, the investor finance the borrows loans and receive monthly pay back payments from the borrower.
Note loans can go bad! As an investor, LC allows you to diversify your account and fund as low as $25 into a single investment. This is a $100 start up! Start now with $100, try it out. Invest more and use your profits from borrowers to reinvest! This is passive income, continuously generating income (monthly) from a single investment.
Sign up, Fund your account, Invest and Collect!
  • Fund multiple accounts to minimize losing greater profit. 
     * All investing types hold a risk of losing*.
  • LC perform a credit check to all borrowers before loan approval. Credit Checks shows a persons credit worthiness.
  • Passive Income – Receive monthly payment along with interest & fees (if applicable).
  • Interest Rates varies from 5% and more.
** Interest Return is higher than most saving/ CD accounts.
Tips to minimize potentially loses!

Has this  borrower   defaulted on a loan in the past?

A defaulted loan means failure to make loan payments when they are due. Borrowers that defaulted on a loan in the past may also be at risk of defaulting again. Find borrowers that hold a good slate. Good borrowers show good faith when payments are on time and show no late payments.
What is the borrower’s occupation/length of employment?
Learn about the borrower career, is it stable? Will he earn enough to afford the loan amount that is requested? Is this a business start-up loan?  
What is the purpose of the loan?
Is this a car, mortgage or personal loan.? Depending on the loan type can be a major factor for investments. A borrower is less likely to default on a mortgage v.s personal loan. These are factors to consider.. a person’s home is more important than a personal loan this reasoning causes the minimum risk to be investing into home loans etc.
What is the borrower debt to income ratio?
Debt to income ratio not only highlights the borrower’s spending, utilization but also notes what the customer can afford. Borrowers with high debt to income ratio with a debt consolidation loan type is considered minimal risk. A borrower with high debt to income ratio with a business start-up loan is considered maximum risk. Be sure to think rationally when choosing your investment accounts.
High Debt to Income Ratio  – Maximum Risk
Low Debt to Income Ratio – Minimum Risk

     ** Investments are for a 36 month period, total investment may not be accessible at all times. **
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