Instagram Growth Hacks

🎀 Instagram Growth Hacks 🎀

Instagram, just another Social Media Platform? I think not!

According to Word Stream, 6 out of 10 online adults have an Instagram account and 26% of Instagram users make more than$75,000 per year.

So is Instagram really just a photo sharing app? Nope! Instagram holds a lot of attention and is a driver for online sales and marketing! Everyone wants to be a leader and have a massive following. That’s why you’re here, right?

Here are 7 Instagram Hack tips you must try to grow your followers and get more engagement!


Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags in your post. When you add your hashtag look at the number of posts that share that hashtag to determine its popularity and how well it captures your target audience.

WARNING *** Be sure to include a specific hashtag on all your post that relates to your niche.***


My main hashtag on all my post is #divahustle. #divahustle displays my content and appeal to existing followers as well as provide great content for a new follower searching for this hashtag. Yes, there are billions of hashtags! So, which do you choose from?

Here are some recent top hashtags to give you a start:

  1. #follow4follow
  2. #like4like
  3. #love
  4. #entreprenuer
  5. #instagood
  6. #goodmorning

Use hashtags that relate to popular events, celebrities, TV Shows, Slang and other categories.

 #Disneyonice, #IssaRae #IssaQueen #Insecure etc.

Check out more information about Hashtags.

2.Share to.

Promote using Instagram. Connect your Instagram post to your Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts. I wish they had an option to promote to Pinterest, oh that would make life so much easier. When you post a new pic on Instagram turn on your share to button for each of these platforms.

Sharing to other platforms will broadcast your Instagram to your other friends on those platforms without much hassle. You can even include a direct link to your IG profile to make it easier.

3.Stay connected.

Leave your Instagram handle on all platforms of social media. Ensure you add your Instagram link to your Facebook page and profile bio, Blog site, Website and even in your email.

Are you promoting your Instagram handle in your email subscriptions? If you have an auto email generated to welcome subscribers, add a direct link that connects with your Instagram. Then have a call to action statement. For example, my call to action statement is “For daily motivation, follow our Instagram,”. This is a reinforcement and people are more likely to just click that link and follow.

4.Follow the leader.

Find other profiles with your niche and tap into their followers. These followers are more likely to engage because they already have interest in your niche. To gain an increase in traffic, I suggest you specifically follow profiles, that like or leave a comment on posts. Yes, you want more traffic, active followers not ghost followers!

Slowly add followers! Following multiple accounts too quickly will result in locking your account!

Here are some other ways to grow your following:

5.Be consistent.

Upload photos throughout the day, post about 2-4 different content a day. Many believe the time of day influences growth of likes and comments that your post receives. Try adding new content at the same time daily! Let us know if you notice growth with this tip!

6.Be active.

  • Post multiple times a day.
  • Go live.
  • Create relative and relatable content.

7.Call to Action.

This is my personal growth hack. My most engaging post included the most likes and the most comments! These posts were relative content that inspires others. Call to action includes:

a.Knowing your target audience. Are you adding followers to accumulate numbers? Or are you adding followers to fill your target audience?

b.State what you want your followers to do.

  • Like this page if …
  • Leave a comment if…
  • Tag a someone if…

These statements give viewers direction and keep them engaged and active. Here is an example.

Call to Action


Leave us a comment. I want to know if you notice growth in your likes or comments with this tip if it works for me it will work for you too😄.

Apply these tips to your Instagram account and grow your engagement! Here are 4 Instagram tools to make your social media work for you. Let us know what works for you! Did we miss a tip? Leave us a comment and we’ll add it to the list to help others grow their Instagram too! Do you have your own website? Check out these website hacks in the double check, checklist post.

Oh, before you go! Follow us on Instagram for more hacks, tips, and inspiration.


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  1. Great post for absolute beginners and also for people that know their way around Instagram… nice few nuggets here…

    1. Kim J. says:

      Thanks Daniel! I’m happy to provide helpful information!

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