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Your life is YOUR responsibility!

Courage starts with your beliefs!

To ask is the law of attraction!

It is important that you envision. Why?

Your vision is your goal and stepping stone to what you are working for!

Write it down. Make it visible. Place it some place you visit frequently. Place it in plain sight to keep you focused and encouraged.

Stay motivated!

Remember why you are doing this! Every time you feel discouraged….every time you doubt your actions and thoughts.

Envision your vision.


My dream life …

  • 6 Bedroom House
  • Trampoline to allow positive flow of energy.
  • Meditation/yoga room to feel happiness, peaceful, inner peace.  
  • 2 cars paid in full…
  • Frequently flying the world to experience cultures.


To live comfortably. To live not to exist. No regrets. 


Homeschooling so my kids can have a better outlook on life.

  • Creating memories with my children and exploring.
  • Teaching my family to not become a slave to debt.


Be aligned and focus on my purpose without saturating my life. 


  • Speaking events
  • Mentoring the community
  • Reaching in others to attract business mindsets and collaborate.


To live a life, true to myself!

A call to action💗

Get a paper & pen, open your phone memo or your planner. Envision your dream in your mind and write it down in plain sight.

What does your dream look like?

Don’t lose sight of yourself because you are so wrapped up in life “norms”. Stay FOCUSED on your purpose! Live the life you DESIRE to live! Be fulfilled and NOT content….Do not forget your WHY!


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