🎀 Business Tips 🎀


These jewels (👑)  are designed to enhance and help you grow. Apply them to your brand and your business!

This list is an evolving list! That means apply, share your helpful tips and add value divas!

👑 Business Tip: Selling different products? Add some samples of other products you sell! This may lead to customer purchasing the full size of the sample or trying some other products you have available.

👑 Business Tip: If you’re too busy to focus on YOUR personal dreams/goals you need to re-evaluate your life.


👑 Business Tip: Research the field you want to go into. There are many free courses, events, tutorials, workshops. If you are unable to find anything in your local area venture out to the internet sources ie. Google, Eventbrite, YouTube etc.

👑 Business Tip: Expand your network to expand your net worth!

👑 Business Tip: Your professional Facebook should be separate from your personal Facebook.

👑 Business Tip: Promote clients to share their reviews and upload/ tag photos on social media. That way they are marketing your business to their friends in which can increase clientele.

👑 Business Tip: Do not compromise the life you want because of the life you have!



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