My journey to stepping into my goal of work-life balance inspired me to empower others to live courageously, and live their purpose!

Kim J.Life Coach | Serial Entrepreneur | Empowerment| Speaker

Working on yourself just because you're working for someone else.

In Positive Energy & Lve,


Proclaim It! Kim James Book

This inspirational book speaks life, aspirations and reflects self-love. Kim James’ “PROCLAIM IT!” is a powerhouse book for women to learn the power of speaking life and for those who are ready to dive deeper into themselves spiritually. Don’t believe us?


Here’s a sneak peek, just for you. Excerpt-of-Proclaim-It-By-Kim-James.pdf (102 downloads) the sneak peek. Order your copy.


Did you know that greatness is within you? My favorite affirmation is ” I Am Greatness”. This affirmation is about unlocking your fullest potential, living your best life and manifesting the life that you desire. In life, we are influenced by what we see/hear, the limited beliefs that are placed upon us and the outside influences of the world/society we live in. I challenge you to break yourself free of hurt and limited beliefs that hold you back from living your best life. Dig deep to uncover your whole self and define who you are. Once you unlock those barriers, then you will uncover your purpose and live a purpose-filled life.

Are you ready for transformation? Yes, Let’s get started!!

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Hey there! I'm glad you're here! My name is Kim J! Nice to meet you! Welcome! Diva Hustle is a platform designed to encourage you to live the life you

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Business Affirmations

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Hey Diva! Let me introduce myself! I am Greatness Coach, Kim James also the CVO of The Diva Hustle!  My vision for Diva Hustle started in 2017 while

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Join the tribe for women to connect, empower and uplift each other. Women Unite is our community of support, healing, and growth.

Over hundreds of women stepping into their best life and making the decision to level up!

Are you ready to level up?


Meet Kim James

Greatness and Self-Love Coach

Kim James

My focus is on purposeful living and self-love.

My mission to empower women to continuously heal and live an abundant life of inner peace. Overcome your fears, and continue to press forward.

“Don’t stop working on yourself, just because you’re working for someone else.” 

-Kim J

Kim J. is the creative visionary behind The Diva Hustle. The Diva Hustle is all about women empowerment and inspiring women to live their passion out loud. We promote entrepreneurship through workshops, webinars, events to help women find their passion as well as give them tips to walk in their purpose.

Looking for your purpose….

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