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🎀Passive Income Ideas 🎀

You don’t need to have everything in line before starting your business… just plan for everything to fall into place.

Here are some business ideas and resources to help you START.

Start your own line of products- Fashionable? 

Thanks to resources like and you can start selling shirts, coffee mugs, hats, phone cases and more! No inventory issues! No $1000 start-up cost! Add catchy phrases, graphics and more on products and start marketing! You can even earn commission for selling other people merchandise!

Become a financial lender-Want to invest? is a financial stop for people looking for loans. Join LC and invest into borrowers looking to finance their home, car etc.  Lend to others in need and earn your money back + interest monthly. Invest & Earn. Want to learn more check out this post.

Become an author- Have ideas and great story lines?

Are you the storyteller of a great gossip story or even a poet? Start writing your first   E-book and sell it online with Amazon or Kindle.

Design Printable products- Are you good with design?

Create business logos, business cards, event invitations, flyers and more! Join or  Design Bold to bring your creations to life. Try creating a few mock designs! Once you have a few good concepts in mind start marketing and selling your logo designs.


Provide client services- Are you handy?

Did you know Home depot offers monthly free workshops? Learn how to tile, install fixtures and perform other services. Check out classes in your area! List your business services on google or yelp and put those lessons to work.

Online Website Generator

Start your first website! Are you looking to branch into blogging, vlogging, or owning your own eCommerce business? Launch your website, using web design tools like WordPress, or even Purchase your domain for as little as $2.95 and hosting/domain combo for $6.95  offer. This offer includes 1 click website installation with WordPress!

The web is a great way to generate Passive Income! Check out Top Money Making Apps.


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