Well balance that advocates for both your mental and physical health. Box of spiritual goodies for Goddesses ready to tap into their greatness to create balance in your life! Time to tap into your power & manifest greatness like the Goddess you are! Treat yourself Goddess, you deserve it!


Kim C.

What’s in YOUR Goddess Box?!

A box of goodies fit for a Goddess of course! 

✨New 🌙 and Full 🌕 Cards
✨Body Oil & Bath Salts for Self-Love
✨Manifestation Candle
✨Cleansing Tool to let go bad energy and bring good energy. 
✨Self work to bring self mastery 💕💗

Preorder yours now!👑

Goddess of the Month: Unlock spiritual goodies and surprises each month! Candles, Bath Salts, Body Oils, Sage and more along with other freebies. Unbox something new every month as you heal, manifest and reveal the Goddess you are.

Full Goddess Box

The Goddess Box

Release what no longer serves you.  ✨

Remove the doubt, fears and uncertainties to welcome peace, love and abundance.

Tap into your magic goddess!

Bath Salts, Body Oil, Candle, Smudge Stick, Moon Card & Shadow worksheets

Goddess Bath Salts are infused with herbs, crystals and essential oil blends. The intentions set in the candle are filled with love & abundance to align mind and body.

Himalayan Salt Rocks , Herbs mix and Crystals .

Goddess Candle is embodied with herbs, crystals and essential oil blends. The intentions set in the candle are filled with love & abundance to bring your goals to fruition.
Homemade Herbal Candles charged with intentional Crystals.

Body oil saturated with love and lavender to rejuvenate your skin head to toe. Benefits for dry skin and promotes healthy skin to shine. Oil blends infused with vitamins, oils, and herbs.

Mixed Oils and Herbs.

Smudging is a spiritual practice. Sage and Palo Santo are cleansing plants used to clear negative energies and at welcome good vibes in your life, home, office, car…

Moon Card & Shadow Work are cards to gain knowledge on the moon of the month and moon phases dates. Enclosed will be shadow work worksheets to guide you as you dive into your healing and manifestation journey.

Kim C, curator of the Goddess Box invites women to indulge in self-care and healing. An outlet for anxiety and a pleasure for self-love! ” Fall in love with yourself again sis.”

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