Growth is essential to entrepreneurship.

Your failures and pains are only learning lessons to guide you to the correct path to achieving your goals. Here are a few ways to invest in your growth.

1~Connect yourself with resources and information!

There is so much knowledge in reading! Read topics that pertain to you and your journey/interest. Want to learn how to invest, pick up the book by Warren Buffett.

2~Find a mentor!

A mentor can be virtual or personal, it can be someone you know or someone who knows you. My mentor is Lisa Nichols. No, she doesn’t know me; however, her coaching and youtube channel were confirmations that my dreams were worth living. Your mentor should empower you to grow. Learn how your mentor discovered and fulfill their dreams. Surround yourself with people you aspire to be like. Knowing the journey of fellow aspirers helps you to learn from their successes and their mishaps. Learning from the mistakes of others to achieve your ideal success is very important. Your mentor will bring enlightenment and confirmation that this is WHO you aspire to be.


Learn how to mingle. Collaborate with others and strategize! You never know how much you may learn from other people. You may find someone or something that can leverage you on your journey to entrepreneurship. Don’t be too full of pride and miss a grand opportunity, there is great value in networking. Join workshops, meet & greets even webinars to align yourself in a room full of wealth. Wealth means

4~Social Media

Yes, it may sound crazy but Social media is a great way to invest in yourself! Broadcast your brand and your goals they are so many different platforms that you can learn from. Explore and connect with someone/something that is not within your direct reach. Connect with people that are experienced and started where you are starting from. Research ideas, environments, hashtags, ย to help lead you to your ultimate goals. You can even collaborate and network virtually with people all around the world, that’s over billions of networks all at your fingertips!

5~Learn from others!

The power of Facebook groups. Personally, this was my way to invest Within Myself. I have learned so much from other people that are experienced. They may be times that you are looking for information and the internet though it has a lot of information it can sometimes be. Join Facebook groups that piqued your interest. For example, when I became a new blogger I joined blogging support groups on Facebook that way I was able to network with other bloggers, learn tips, strategize my blog, and learn things that actually work from real life people that help me to avoid wasting time, wasted energy and also wasting money. There is a lot of power and Facebook groups and it’s free self-help.

6~Give yourself a chance.

You are powerful if you allow yourself to be! So many times we think that success comes overnight. You may even think that mistakes are really a realization that maybe this is not for you. These minor setbacks are normal. If it comes too fast most likely it’s too good to be true. Allow yourself to grow and accomplish these goals. Analyze your mistakes to prevent future mistakes, plan and strategize to effectively maximize your growth and your potential. Give yourself a break, it’s easier said than done. The fact that you are making strides to accomplish your goals and your dreams are a huge Factor. Many people don’t even face the fact or even live true to their passions and their goals because they’re so busy wrapped up in life.

7~Hone your craft!

To be fully engulfed within your craft means to accept your current position and work towards becoming an expert in your field. Nothing happens overnight, nothing happens in the first try, when you bake that cake for the first time it probably didn’t rise properly or better yet you probably burned it. Accepting the fact that you will experience failures is preparing you for the win. ย Winning means keep moving forward, you only lose when you stop trying. Winners never quit and quitters never win. Doย not give up! Do not lose hope! Stay inspired and be motivated. So hone your craft and continue to build and revise your craft and enjoy your journey.


8~Plan and Strategize!

Don’t plan all the way down to the last T and Dot your I’s. But plan to get the ball rolling and if things come up that aren’t within your plan be prepared to be flexible and adapt. Consistency is the only thing in life that is not consistent, change is the only consistency. Don’t lose out on something great just because it is it is not in your plan.

9~Dress for the job you want!

Dress for the success that you want. You can’t have a negative perspective trying to achieve an optimistic goal. Be open-minded! Do not restrict yourself to your journey, success is not a one-way street, it’s not a highway you may get turns you may hit dead ends. Roadblocks that are ahead of you are only detours on your journey. Suite your full self to be prepared and focus your mind on that goal.

Challenge yourself to continuously invest in yourself. Align yourself with your goals. Diva hustle is here for you every step of the way! Join theย  Diva Hustle Community and collaborate with like-minded individuals!

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