Hey Diva, I wanted to share the experience of

The Diva Hustle’s Atlanta Moon Ceremony.

Here’s a recap of the magic!

Doing an empowerment event was on my heart and myย goal was to create a space for women to be real, connect and release. We as women, carry so much without an outlet to purge the things that no longer serve us. The Moon Ceremony was all about releasing anything and everyone that hold us back from our past or our present situations. This event was life changing, energy shifting.


Thank you, Queen,ย for capturing this little moment of magic!

When yo friends so dope! Shout out to my sistas @thedivahustle

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We are seeing ourselves in our true element and doing some self-reflecting and our “I Am” Affirmations.


Here is #Mymessagetoallwomen
You are beautiful, allow yourself to shine. DO NOT LETย OTHER PEOPLE OR PAST EVENTS DEFINE WHO YOU ARE.YOU define yourself and fall in love with WHO you designed yourself to be.We may look different from one another, we may live in different countries, islands, house but we are all connected. You are not alone in your fight! Love yourself, Heal yourself and Allow yourself to be YOU! I love you SiStar

With Love,
Kim J

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