The Hustle Report: Goal- Passive income, Flexible lifestyle.

2017 was the year I release the Rat Race and embraced the Hustle.

Objective– Aim to make money while living a flexible lifestyle. It’s 2017 and making money while setting your own term/hours isย trending.ย It’s all about convenience! Are you looking for work-life balance?

ย Check out these side hustlesCar Side Hustles

No Car Hustles


Why I Hustle?ย I Lost track of my passion, my desires as my job consumed most of my time and I barely had time for family, life and even found myself neglecting ME! I got tired of waking up early, rushing to work, devoting 2 hours to traffic, spending 8 hours in meetings only to rush home, and barely have time to cook dinner let alone…. get my daughter ready for bed all to wake up and repeat for 5 days out the week.

Hope my story inspired you to keep working on your dreams, passion and goals. Everyone’s journey looks different!

Just don’t stop working on yourself just because you’re working for somebody else! ~KimJ.

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