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🎀 The Double Check, Check List 🎀

So, you created your website and it’s now up and running!

You picked out your domain name, the hosting is now up, your content is in order and now published. This a huge win! Congrats, be sure to email us your link so we can support you! In fact, join our tribe of motivated entrepreneurs like yourself!
If you are interested in starting your own site, self-host as low as $3.99 a month! FREE domain name checker, with name mesh.
Anywho, After my site was up and running and my site viewers increased, I thought I was done. Of course, I had to create more content but all the hard work was done, right? Nope! I don’t want you to be unprepared like I was. So, here are some things that I missed after creating my site. Make sure you have all your ducks in a row.

1. Have you checked yourself lately?

Well no, I don’t mean literally! What I meant to say is Google yourself and your site name. Try googling common keywords that relate to your site niche, like blogger or entrepreneur. Did your site appear within the first 6 pages? Probably not!
If you’re not able to find yourself or your site on Google, try adding some uncommon keywords, products or even lingo to distinguish your page from other pages. If you already have a few uncommon keywords in mind and they appear on your page, google those. For example, I googled “diva hustle” and “wannapreneur”, thedivahustle.com, our Instagram and our Facebook group appeared on the first page. I learned to use keywords that are not as general. Though other people may not have Googled those specific keywords, it can possibly give you a higher ranking and more visibility. And you never know, maybe there are more people who googled supercalifragilisticexpialidocious than you think.
Now, Google your exact URL: “www.thedivahustle.com”. The reason you want to do this is to ensure that Google has picked up your website and also to verify what the meta description of your website contains. Google Planner tool is a great resource that allows you to find the right keywords for your target audience.

2. What they already know about you and your website?

What appears when you Google your site? Double check the site’s meta description. Meta description is the preview text that is visible underneath the URL in the search results. Meta description can influence your sites rating and visibility to improve traffic.
Now review your site description. Is your site description relative content? Does it attract your target audience and capture their attention enough for them to click your link? If your Meta description is not aligned with your vision, good news, you can change it. Here’s how!

3.Oops, Not found.

So, you have a few hyperlinks and URLs on your website, Pinterest account, and even Facebook. Your post, images, reviews or even your products from months ago, are still getting good traffic. But the link on Facebook show that page cannot be found.😰
Be sure to check your hyperlinks and ads on your website. Just so that you don’t miss out on any big opportunities or cause any issues to your customers or clients. Ensure all links and ads are live and are being directed to the correct page.
You may already know why active links are important. But here are some benefits of active links.
🎀 Creates a seamless experience for your customer.
🎀 Retain visitors and enhance the overall click-through count and also measure how long viewers spend on your website.
🎀 Direct Ads to your affiliate links.
Let’s not even discuss if a customer or reader clicks on an ad but you don’t get that commission! What a bummer, you’ve missed out on some money!
So double-check your hyperlinks and ads on your site and links from social media, Pinterest pins etc.
4. Is your visual and written content up to par?
Proofread, proofread, proofread. And I forgot to mention it before but proofread. Your site is open to many visitors and viewers or even potential sponsors. You want to come across as professional when you are working on your craft and your business. Use great resources like Grammarly to help you ensure proper spelling and use of words.
Now that we double checked spelling and punctuation, let me tell you proofreading is not only about spelling!
🎀Check your content layout, text alignment or any overlapping or run off images.
🎀 Ensure your images are clear and not blurry.
🎀 Are the follow button and subscription forms easily accessible? Don’t have 5 different popup subscription windows popping up while visitors are scrolling through your post or store(that’s annoying by the way).
Then there’s More! Download our free “Double Check” checklist. Leave us a comment and share with us something you double check!


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  1. Love these tips! I’m about 6 months in (but just got serious and bought domain and hosting in Aug.) And there are things on this list I NEED! Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Kim J. says:

      Congrats! Any progress is good progress! Happy that this was helpful for you😊.

  2. This is great! It’s important to double check your favicon. Sooooo many sites forget about it!

  3. Karen says:

    Thanks for the tips! I am not even sure what my meta description is like but I sure as heck am checking it out ! Thanks!

    1. Kim J. says:

      Your welcome! Happy I can help!

  4. These are great tips! I just started my blog and it is so stressful! Some days I feel like I have it figured out and other days I feel like my blog is going nowhere.

    1. Kim J. says:

      Blogging can be stressful, but take it step by step! Enjoy your journey. That’s all apart of learning. You never truly have ot all figured out there is always something new to learn. Surround yourself with good people to keep you motivated don’t forget to join the group! Email us, let is know how we can help!🤗

  5. Great info! I’m still getting the hang of simply posting, but plan to figure out how to further my reach better. Thank you for this post!

    1. Kim J. says:

      You’re Welcome! I’m working on content now for tips to grow your audience.

  6. I haven’t gotten quite this far in my web adventures yet, but I will be sure to keep this in mind! It’s got to be way easier to not have to go back and fix everything I did wrong. Thank you for the tips!

  7. These are all great tips! This will help me tremendously!

  8. Great tips, I have not searched myself in awhile but I am always checking my ad links to make sure they are working.

  9. Thank you for the tips! I have not read to use uncommon keywords. I was always thinking I should be using common ones! I’ll give it a go! Thanks!

    1. Kim J. says:

      Good call out, most people use common words, but it’s best to mix common with uncommon keywords. For example, uncommon keywords may include using terminology that apply specifically to a certain niche.

  10. Hey Kim. I am a new blogger and I have read tons of things about starting a blog and setting up your website. I haven’t seen anyone mention googling your self. I used to google myself before I started my blog. Thanks for the reminder. I definitely need to use more keywords like you mentioned.

  11. Lauren Atkins says:

    Thank you for this post, I am still quite new to blogging so found this very informative! just off to google my site now… 🙂

  12. This is a great reminder! I have not googled my blog. I need to see where I fall on the pages.

  13. Such a great tips here, I check mine every now and then. I’m slowly get a hang of working on my blog about what to write to get notice and so on. Thank you for sharing these awesome tips .

  14. Rachel says:

    Such great tips! Lots of stuff I need to work on for my blog.

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