🎀 4 Unique Instagram Tools 🎀

Instagram is now a huge influencer for a lot of different careers including makeup artist, selling apparel, bloggers and other things! Though this a photo-sharing platform, it actually is so much more than that! Many people use this platform to sell products, services, and branding to their target audience.With over 800 million users, Instagram has become more than just a … Continue reading “🎀 4 Unique Instagram Tools 🎀”

🎀 Sell your lifestyle 🎀

Branding Let me start off by saying, I am not a Kim K fan!  But, I respect her hustle. Let me put something into perspective for you. Think of yourself as a consumer, do you purchase name brand or off brand? Whether its food, clothing, make-up etc. Why do most people purchase branded items? It’s all about reputation! All about the … Continue reading “🎀 Sell your lifestyle 🎀”

Instagram Growth Hacks

🎀 Instagram Growth Hacks 🎀

Instagram, just another Social Media Platform? I think not! According to Word Stream, 6 out of 10 online adults have an Instagram account and 26% of Instagram users make more than$75,000 per year. So is Instagram really just a photo sharing app? Nope! Instagram holds a lot of attention and is a driver for online sales and marketing! Everyone wants to … Continue reading “🎀 Instagram Growth Hacks 🎀”

🎀 The Double Check, Check List 🎀

So, you created your website and it’s now up and running! You picked out your domain name, the hosting is now up, your content is in order and now published. This a huge win! Congrats, be sure to email us your link so we can support you! In fact, join our tribe of motivated entrepreneurs like yourself! If you are interested … Continue reading “🎀 The Double Check, Check List 🎀”